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 Business against Poverty is a community of business leaders committed to ethical and sustainable standards, all looking to use their companies to address issues of poverty and take action.

Since 2009, Business against Poverty has been encouraging a culture of caring for our planet and compassion for its people. Like-minded business leaders come together to support the work of People against Poverty: a humanitarian charity that provides new hope and a more sustainable future to people in need globally – a handshake, not a hand out.

Working together towards a brighter future, Business against Poverty’s members all have purpose at heart as part of a movement for change. Collectively, we work towards a world where poverty and suffering is alleviated around the world.

10 reasons to join now



The chance to meet, work alongside, support and grow with like-minded businesses.



Ethical business is on the rise: show your values and proudly proclaim your purpose.



Be inspired to make positive changes in close conversation with other members.



Membership helps some of the world’s poorest communities to become more self-sufficient.



See, clearly, how your donation is being used and lives are being positively impacted.



Access to regular events and learning opportunities, growing both connections and knowledge.



The distinctive BaP logo makes clear what your company stands for.



For over a decade, our members have directly supported a host of international projects.



Membership is great for organisational morale, putting purpose at the heart of your work.



Be encouraged that your business is helping to shape, and change, our world’s future.

Who we are

What our members say

Rob Beale, Rob Beale Limited

“I’ve met some great people during my time as a Business against Poverty member; whenever we get together as a community, it’s always good to connect with like-minded people. I’ve enjoyed attending a few of Business against Poverty’s Gala events in the past too and they’re always a great celebration.”

Mark Crofts, Kings Court Financial Planning

“We liked the combination of business and charity working together to alleviate poverty; that really resonates with us as an organisation.”

Chris May, Mayden

“I’ve always believed that international aid should be a core part of what wealthy countries, and profitable businesses, should do.  Call it levelling up on a global scale”.

Sarah Perrett, Whitespace Agency

“I have experienced poverty myself when I was a struggling single Mum, so helping in this area is very close to my heart.”

Jules English, Triangle Design Ltd

“The decision to join Business against Poverty was an easy one for us; what initially began as a chance to connect with like-minded business people has evolved into an essential strand of our corporate social responsibility pledge.”

Tom Vaughton, Varn Media

“The single biggest benefit for us is that we are helping other people with less money and support to build self-sustaining communities and businesses.”

Patrick Moss, Moss Naylor Young

“Ever since joining, I’ve seen Business against Poverty as fundamental to identifying who we are, what our values are, and aligning this with the kinds of organisations we wish to work with: bodies that want to make life better for other people – giving out as well as taking in.”

Graham Massey, The House

“The movement is what the movement does! The strength of any organisation is the people who are attracted to it, in whatever capacity – perhaps more so for a charitable organisation. I see a healthy membership best demonstrated through active participation; you reap what you sow.  ”

Our Events

We have various events taking place throughout the year, including trips, social and business events in conjunction with Business Against Poverty.  We also have sponsorship opportunities for you and/or your business. 

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