Jerry Walsingham – June 2013

Congratulations to Jerry Walsingham, owner of Mail Boxes Etc (Bath) for achieving Member of the Month. Continue reading

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Karen Ramirez – May 2013

Lingua is an independent communications agency with an accent on travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure and sport. Lingua understands that all expenditure needs to show commercial return – our business acumen ensures we take your bottom line seriously. Lingua builds communications strategies that are expressive, intentional and based on integrity. Our international experience enables business beyond borders where nothing is lost in translation.

We asked Karen:

What motivates you?
People and all their facets! I’m very lucky in that my sector is travel and tourism and as such when I travel on business we are
invariably hosted in beautiful hotels, given wonderful food and drink and shown the best that a destination has to offer. But for
me, the highlight is getting to know the people – in markets, bars, on the street, on buses – wherever. So I always take some time out to explore and converse with the locals as you never know what cultural, gastronomic, musical or natural gems will be revealed along the way!
In my personal life it’s family – not just my kids, but cousins, in-laws, my ex – the lot! We’re close and make a big effort to get together several times a year for good times that invariably include barbecues, laughter and lots of wine! Oh, and the annual BaP Ball of course!

Who do you admire in the world of business and why?
The newsreader, George Alagiah! He may not be “business” in the conventional sense, but is a wonderful communicator who exudes empathy, personal integrity and an international perspective on life. When I met him he made an observation that struck a chord: “Economic empowerment at grass roots level in whatever country enables freedom and a voice to people and businesses!” Says it all really…
Another would be a chap called Jacques Attali, a visionary who set up the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development.The bank was established to assist the transition in Eastern Europe from a communist environment to an open market economy. He did it, bringing together the governments and economic institutions of Eastern and Western Europe to build a bank that offered both development and merchant banking. Having worked there for several years it was an incredible experience

What is your business Philosophy?
Simple: giving your business a voice

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?
Do it – then work it! Don’t pay your membership then sit back and wonder why you haven’t got anything out of it. You reap
what you sow – attend the events, get to know the other members and you’ll see the return.

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