Christmas video

CaptureYou know the drill – purchase the cards, even have them specially designed with your company name printed on them, write your message, write the address on the envelope, stick a stamp on the envelope, walk to the post office and put into the box;  a few days later your card appears on the doorstep of the recipient. They open it “that’s nice”, put it on the side until January 1st and then it goes into the bin ready for the landfill.

Does it feel like a hassle to you?  If so, let’s take the hassle away and for just a donation of your choice, we can personalise our own video for you to send, by email, to your clients/suppliers/colleagues  – just anyone you wish to send it to.

Take a look and if you are interested then just message us and within an hour or so, your video will be ready to send.

Watch the video here


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Business Member of the Month – December 2016

We are sure you will agree with us that our Member of the Month for December certainly deserves a mention.  Bill, founder of Business against Poverty and  Chair of Trustees of our charity is a  paying member through his business Destiny-Life Counselling, . Continue reading
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