New business owners for Mailboxes Etc

One of our dearest friends and Business against Member Jerry Walsingham, after 17 years, sold on his Mailboxes Etc business in Bath.  The new owners Hungarian born Zoltan Sagi and his partner Laszlo Beres are taking the reigns of this already successful business to a new level. Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

In a simple one page format here are some exciting events for you to attend.   You can find the booking process on the Events Page of the website.

event list

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Sponsorship Opportunity for James Bond Casino Royal Fundraising Gala

We have several sponsorship opportunities available for our James Bond Casino Royal Fundraising Gala and we would love you to be a part of the evening.  Take a look and contact us if you are interested.  Remember there is only 1 Platinum Sponsor which has some lovely benefits to your business.

sponsorship 2018 package pdf



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Our exciting plans for 2018

With a constant focus on having the biggest positive impact in these communities, 2018 is set to be another year of hugely important and life changing work. Over the course of the year we will be running six trips which will include about one hundred people. These include school, church and men’s groups, and cover our two main Community Farm Projects. Continue reading

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Summary of 2017

2017 has been an incredibly rewarding year for our work in Romania, which has continued to grow in momentum. The support from yourself and others like you, has continued to allow us to focus on both the immediate needs of communities, whilst also developing a longer term strategy. Continue reading

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Seeking Action Heroes.

People against Poverty Seek Action Heroes…

Are you the next Mila Jojovich or Tom Cruise? People against Poverty can help! Continue reading

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Ethics Corner

Who defines what’s ethical: you or your client? Recently I saw on LinkedIn a post by the Bucharest office of a fairly well-known consulting company. Continue reading

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