Are you a faith based organisation ?

We are. We are proudly Christian and align ourselves with Christian values. Our project leaders are chosen inspirational Christian leaders with the highest integrity; however, the donors and recipients of our charity are of any faith or no faith at all.

We will never select recipients of our support based on the selection of their faith, culture, sexual-orientation or any other form of pre-judgement.

How do you choose your projects ?

We find a project partner who inspires us, who have a gift for their work and a clear vision for what they wish to achieve, working tirelessly and devotedly to meet their objectives. We match their needs to our strategic vision, skill sets and resources.

If a project is nominated and passes the initial criteria the nominee of the project is asked to complete a proposal setting out in detail their needs and vision. The CEO then considers putting forward the proposal to the board of trustees for their consideration.

Do you work in the UK as well as overseas?

In the UK we work closely with schools engaging young adults in world poverty relief. We have taken a number of school groups on international project work equipping them with practical, humanitarian and leadership skills. These young adults have been involved in everything from fund raising to building houses. Where we can we speak at school assemblies presenting the scope of our work to very young children facilitating learning and respect for their own situations. Education is a very important part of our UK work.

Where does the charity get its income from ?

The charity (People against Poverty) does not receive any government grants and we generate all our own income. Business against Poverty is now the main income stream for the general running of the charity.

Gift aid is also a critical source of income that supports the charity overhead (please note donations for BaP membership are NOT eligible for Gift Aid and they are tax deductible for members). Then there is the generosity of friends of the charity and those friends and BaP members that have bravely taken the step to come on one of our many overseas awareness trips. In addition we run a number of fund raising events through out the year. Without your generous support, no matter how little our lifesaving work would be impossible.

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