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Can anyone join Business against Poverty?

Yes, Business against Poverty is open to firms of all sizes who want to make a positive difference in our world – however, to join our movement for change, you must first sign up to a commitment to read and follow our business members ‘code of ethics’  as a minimum. Membership is refused to those who are unable to comply for whatever reason.

I already support other charities; why should I also join Business against Poverty

We are delighted your business supports other charities and we would wish you  to continue.

Business against Poverty is much more than a charity it is a community, a movement for change. A movement that is united by a shared concern for injustice and poverty.

By joining Business against Poverty you will begin a journey, an exciting journey, a wider journey and one that propels your business ethos on a road that some of the most successful companies in the world have travelled. New dynamic companies are popping up everywhere standing out from their less progressive competitors by becoming a business with social purpose.

By joining us you join a movement for change. We will facilitate your journey, help make your brand stand out influencing your vision, values and mission. Our members believe in living and working in an ethical way, and use their businesses to take action and to make a difference. You will carry our Logo with pride, you will be promoted on our website and you will connect with likeminded members seeking to grow your profits for the benefit of all your stakeholders. Not only that, if that’s not enough your membership fees fund the work of our charity People against Poverty by engaging actively in poverty relief programmes globally and here in the UK.

How do I choose which membership level to join?

The benefits of membership are clear and there are many. The question is how much you do wish to invest in your company in becoming a ‘business with purpose”  and a ‘business for good’.  How far would you wish to go in the branding and alignment of your position in the market place?

We believe the further you travel with us the greater the business returns. Given that; your entry level reflects the size of your business and what it can afford. Some members have a rule of thumb ½, % or 1% of their revenues or profits. We set out a number of joining levels from sole trader to platinum and corporate membership for your consideration. Choose the level that truly reflects your company’s position.

I would like to support a particular project - will my membership cover this?

Income from membership contributes to the business of the charity and in doing so ensures that all our projects benefit from the donation .  We feel it would not be fair to choose one child or country over another, leaving vulnerable children to fend for themselves. Every single project in every country we work is dependent on us providing the support that will help them achieve their aims in relieving poverty within their communities.

We therefore ask if anyone wishes to support a particular project, then of course we would love for you to donate to that project work directly through People against Poverty.  It could be anything from supporting a child through child sponsorship, or providing a Borewell in India in the name of your business.  There are plenty of projects to choose from which you could develop as part of the purpose of your business.  We would be very pleased to help you with this.

Will I receive updates regarding what my membership is achieving?

Yes. We send out a regular monthly business e-shot newsletter updating the membership on a range of news worthy content from individual projects, current developments and member updates.  We would also recommend you sign up for the People against Poverty newsletter which is quarterly and gives more in-depth project news.

If you are connecting to an individual event or project, our team will be in regular personal contact. We love to engage with you personally!

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