How the finance works

In line with the Charity Commissions financial guidelines, our charity People against Poverty has two classifications for income received. They are restricted and unrestricted. All donations fall into these two categories. If a donor wishes their donation to go to a specific cause e.g. Feed a Child Project the money is classified as restricted income and can only be used for that purpose. Unrestricted income is the most flexible for the charity. In this case the donor leaves it to the charity to make its best judgement on where funds are most needed.

Where does the membership donation go?

Business against Poverty membership donations are first classified as unrestricted income. We believe businesses understand best that for the charity to work it needs to invest in its infra structure. Your donation will contribute to the cost of the Business against Poverty scheme and the charity. Given sufficient members (our aim) we will generate a surplus. The surplus will be allocated directly to our overseas projects and our members will be informed. From time to time we intend to ask the membership for their views on which projects to distribute funds and expertise to. We have already achieved this by giving £5,000 to the Dobrovat House project in March of this year.

What if I wish to support a specific project?

Your business will receive excellent value for your membership for example value added branding, business directory, networking opportunities and more. It is our hope that through your engagement with our community you will be inspired to support particular projects of interest. For example if your business is food then food distribution would strategically align your charitable support with your corporate social responsibility. We will never pressure you to be come involved in any project over and above your membership donation, however if you decide as well as being a member you want to give to a specific project, then those funds will be classified as restricted income and will go directly to support your chosen project.

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