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YvonneB_Portfolio_2When disaster strikes lives change forever. In fact lives are lost leaving a trail of heartbreak, shock and unknowns. It’s never easy to know what to do and I must confess I tend not to ‘watch’ these disasters unfold with any regularity; probably because it leaves me feeling helpless.

But that is the point I want to focus on, that feeling of helplessness. I understand, for me, it is viewing the enormity of the event and not being able to see what I can do to make any real difference; it’s too big, too disastrous. Yet in reality there is so much one person can do that will help change the situation. It might be a slow change, it could be months, years even a decade before things are better but with as much support and help as possible the change will arrive.

It all comes down to doing what you can do and not focusing on the ‘can’t’; that stands true for all areas of our lives.

As I write this It leads me to the fundraising PaP has been doing to support the disaster in Nepal and I want to share the latest update:

‘Our project leader Krishna and his family are now living themselves under a broken tent.  Having supported all the families and children within his community with new tents and food, he is unable to return to his own home due to deep cracks in the building.  His tent unfortunately got ripped and damaged in the recent monsoon storm and they are now struggling.’ 

So let’s keep digging deep, keep finding ways to help our global community. It’s what we can do when disaster strikes that counts and giving is fantastic for self esteem, knowing we can help, we can make a difference.

To enable PaP to keep the support going to Krishna and the families and children that are in his immediate community  please share their social media posts and direct support to the donate page.

Pausing for thought…


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