Ambassadors Spot

Hello and welcome to the Ambassador’s spot!

Same as General CaptionIt’s been a month of meetings for me; well, that’s what it’s felt like; not my favourite use of time however there were a few meetings that provided the perfect opportunity to introduce Business against Poverty. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed sharing in my conversations are the awareness trips giving members & volunteers real time experience of what poverty looks like up close and personal as well as seeing how their contributions make a difference. I think we often forget just how lucky we are and just how trivial some of the things we worry about are so I for one need to get on one of the trips soon.

I also spent some time with Kate Shakespeare, manager at Somer Valley Enterprise Park and she was incredibly supportive of spreading the word to her business tenants. With my back and forth trips to London I ensured I had my BaP packs at the ready and I managed to bring a new member on board. Michelle Walkes is the MD of Manor Grove Spa, Northants. She is an amazingly committed business woman with a stunning day spa that is a must for anyone in need of some TLC (and I imagine that’s most of us) or, if you’re anything like me, no reason required beyond believing you’ve worked hard for it!
I love my ambassador role, it is truly an honour and I want to bring in new members each and every month. And if there are any members out there who believe in the power of collaboration, then join me in the role and let’s sky rocket this membership…

Have a great and prosperous month!



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