And then there were two…

Same as General CaptionA few months into my Ambassador role and it is already shifting in its composition. Actually when I started Bill created an outline for the role but we agreed we should allow it to have some flexibility and ‘see where it goes’. And I’m pleased to say it is going in an exciting direction! With a healthy network of businesses in Somerset we are now looking to recreate the same in other regions.

So at this point I would like to extend a warm welcome to our 2nd business ambassador, Michelle Michelle WalkesWalkes, MD of the beautiful Manor Grove Spa, Corby (East Midlands). Michelle joined us over a month ago as a member, signed up a new member on her 2nd day and is now going to champion the growth of BaP in her area, (with support and lots of love from the team of course). Lots of plotting and planning to do but that’s the fun stuff!

The great thing about developing BaP in different regions is it will provide members with opportunities & potential collaborations outside of their immediate area, encouraging new relationships and business growth.

My role will now be BaP Ambassador Leader, helping new ambassadors set up in their area and ensuring the high standards that have been set, remain.

If you know any great business people in other regions that might be interested in being an Ambassador for BaP please let me know. I am more than happy to speak with them and share the greatness that is our network!

Happy month ahead and I look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 6th October.

Stay blessed,


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