August Member of the Month – Yvonne Bignall

Apart from being a full time mum, running her own successful business in leadership skills Yvonne Bignall has embraced Business against Poverty in a big way, taking on the role of our first Volunteer Ambassador and succeeding in already bringing in a new member for the month of August.  We congratulate you Yvonne on many levels.

We asked Yvonne:

What motivates you? Simple things motivate me; internal happiness, waking up to a new day and new possibilities. Also knowing that every single person has something positive to bring to the table but sometimes they need someone else to help them identify it; and I get the pleasure of being that someone through my business activities.
What is your Business philosophy? To be a role model for what I espouse and to live the life I encourage others to live; from a place of gratitude, with thoughts beyond self and to deliver to my customers what it says on the tin, time and time again.
Who do you admire in the world of business and why? Richard Branson for ‘living’ his brand, Oprah Winfrey for being bold & taking leaps in her career to become a global leader & philanthropist. Much closer to home I admire my brother, Errol Bignall, who works tirelessly to design and lead community football projects, helping youth get off the street and into environments that show them their true value, influencing them to be positive young leaders in their communities.
What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? What are you waiting for? This is an amazing community of business owners who have a connection beyond wanting to ‘do business’; they want to do good way beyond self and leave something special long after their work is done. BaP is led by two of the most lovable people in business you could ever hope to meet and you won’t be disappointed at the level of commitment and results the community get in positively impacting poverty. But we can do more with you…. So please join us!

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