Badge of Honour

Nothing says anything better about your business ethics than literally wearing your heart on your sleeve! For Simon Long, of SLTS South West Ltd this is what he has literally done for his business.  Not content with his vehicles branded with the Business against Poverty logo, but he has now included it in all his uniforms.

Simon has often told us that he has seen his business grow over the last few years and contributes part of that growth to being a Business against Poverty member.   Having travelled with the charity’s CEO Val Huxley to Romania in the first instance in 2015, he has since visited the project on more occasions and has introduced new clients to the charity along with feeding his passion to help relieving poverty through his business ethics and membership of Business against Poverty.

The team of SLTS South West Ltd are behind Simon’s vision for his business and having a social enterprise that they can all become involved in, is something that Simon wishes to embrace and is encouraging his staff to attend an Awareness Trip to Romania over the coming years.

This year, Simon and his team are taking on our Big BaP Business Challenge for 2017 and are hosting and running a Golf Day and therefore will be calling out for businesses to make up their team.   You can join in the fun by clicking  here 

For all your staff training needs, look no further than SLTS SouthWest Ltd.      


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