BaP with Benefits!

New Headshot to be used for NewsletterI had the pleasure of working with the BaP team at the Bath Business Expo on 17th March and we had a really good day (albeit rather short), meeting new business contacts, sharing our values and vision and raising awareness of the work BaP has been doing.

Since the expo I have met with a couple of the contacts and the conversations took me back to my own introduction to BaP as I shared what I felt were some key benefits of joining our community.


  1. Help create & support communities – by coming together we are able to support community focused projects both here and overseas, giving hope where there was little and truly seeing the return on our commitment to make a difference. This remains one of the most important things to me, being able to see how our support changes lives.
  1. Build a good reputation – with the ever increasing knowledge of consumers it is vital to have a good reputation; choice is everywhere! Being part of BaP contributes to our USP and is a ‘hallmark’ of a business who cares about more than the bottom line.
  1. Grow connections & network – we get to connect with each other at events, seminars and via the members list. This is one area I feel we can all maximize more, reaching out to those in our membership for support and required skills.
  1. Business opportunities – I never thought through the business opportunities when I joined BaP but within a short period of time Val introduced me to another member who was building a team of training associates and through that introduction I gained more work opportunities – magic!
  1. Decide on your level of support – there is so much flexibility in being part of the BaP community. You decide what level of support you can/want to give and also remain free to help as many other charitable causes as you desire. No matter the size of your organisation there is a suitable entry level.

I hope to see you at the Bailbrook House Mad Hatter’s Tea Party on 20th April! I have invited a couple of new contacts from the expo and hopefully they will see why joining us is a no brainer.

Wishing you a great month ahead!


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