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Our Platinum business members over at Devision IT company made headlines this month when they gave their services to a long-running campaign to bring CCTV cameras into Melksham’s town centre. When plans hit an unexpected bump, Necla Evans, Operations Director of Devision, and her wonderful team made themselves available to save the day. Melksham's new CCTV camera is installed.

With the first stage of the CCTV system due to be installed, the group were forced to ask for help following a shortfall when a high-specification computer was required to enable the group full control of the cameras. There was then an appeal placed in the last edition of Melksham News, and Devision stepped forward within hours to offer their specialist services and assistance.

This is a perfect example of Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, because Devision not only helped the company in question, but their work will have a direct and immediate positive effect on the Melksham community and its wider area. This generosity demonstrates to all, the power we as business owners have when we all pull together.

You can read the full article here

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