HR Corner April 2016

Since the last HR post, more details have emerged about gender pay gap reporting.

The legislation will be formally enacted in October 2016, and employers of more than 250 souls will need to report every April, starting in April 2018. The six months between October 2016 and April 2017 could and should usefully be spent ironing out any anomalies in pay between men and women – and it’s not just pay: bonuses (and eligibility for them) of all kinds are also included.

downloadCompanies with an annual turnover of more than £36m will soon have to produce an annual anti-slavery and human trafficking statement, directed as much at supply chains overseas as at UK operations – though sadly these are not exempt from such dubious practices. The statement must set out steps taken to ensure that no slavery has been involved in supply chains; companies with subsidiary operations must cover the activities of those subsidiaries also. The statement is mandatory – any failure to take measures against slavery and human trafficking must be clearly spelt out: non-action does not mean non-reporting.

On a more positive note, and one more relevant to BAP members, with our very much smaller headcount and turnover, there has been a bit in the business press about the gig economy. This is an initiative piloted by no less a giant than PWC – they set up an online market place of skills amongst their employees as a database, so that anyone looking for particular expertise for a given project [gig]could easily find someone possessing it. As well as the obvious benefit of putting together unbeatable project teams, this initiative had the added plus of keeping employees engaged and stimulated by their work by the opportunities to expand their professional horizons – without having to move employers. Wonderful for retention, and present day importance placed on notions of autonomy and variety at work. But the advantages of smaller employers or sole traders using it would be massive too – how about it BaP??


Charlotte Obolensky

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