Human Kindness

I have recently returned from a trip to Jordan and what an experience it was; the most amazing hospitality, Yvonnebeautiful vistas and genuinely inquisitive warm people. But what I want to share with you is something I witnessed in abundance from the evening of my arrival until the day I left; human kindness.

Unfortunately my host and business partner received some devastating news on the night I arrived. One of his work colleagues died. He was 32 and he was one of 3 men who left loved ones behind that night. I felt awkward with my excitement of being somewhere new knowing my host was feeling the loss. He, however, was a tower of strength and was determined to ensure I had a good experience of his country whilst dealing with the highs and lows of business & life.

To cut a long story short, what I saw happen over the next few days confirmed the goodness of people:

  1. Visits to the family who lost their loved one
  2. External organising of food by friends & colleagues for the family and their visitors
  3. Mini buses booked by the senior management to take work colleagues to visit the family
  4. A social media campaign asking staff to contribute if/what they can to the family and the company agreeing to put in 3 times what the team members raised
  5. Seeing a total of 15k dinars raised in 24 hours by the staff with the company being true to its word and matching it with 45k dinars – providing the family with an ongoing monthly income
  6. The excitement of the social media campaign causing staff to come up with other ideas to raise more funds

What really struck me was the unquestioning commitment from the staff to get behind this, knowing without a doubt that the company would do the same for them – this was not a one off gesture of goodwill.  And it showed a company that is truly committed to looking after its people, valuing all members of its team. Imagine the level of moral within those walls. In the midst of their loss there was much joy at being able to make a difference.

In a time when we witness selfishness, a lack of human kindness, businesses who talk about caring but show little signs of doing so, this one story restored my faith. When we talk about social responsibility, it is these types of action that truly show commitment because what they do internally is a mirror of what they do externally; truly care.

Christmas is a fitting time to reflect on our commitment to help others as well as the support we can offer each other. Our community is stronger together than apart.

I wish you all a wonderful, joyful Christmas holiday and the very best for the New Year. I look forward to seeing you in 2016!

Merry Christmas,



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