It’s Never Just About You

May is on the doorstep and it’s nearly half year review time for me. What have (or haven’t) I achieved so far this year? What goals have been ticked off and what ones am I working on? Which ones might fall by the wayside? And how have I contributed beyond myself?

I am delighted with having completed one of my long term fitness goals; to run a untitledmarathon. I set it as a goal 5/6 years ago when my average run was around the 2 mile mark! I dreamt how amazing it would be to be able to run for 26 miles with ease. And it was with this image in mind that I set off to do the iconic Virgin London Marathon 2015. I had a dream… I didn’t run it with the ease I imagined but I went across that finish line with a smile on my face 🙂

Interestingly the goal became something much more than just a need to test my fitness. Yes, I wanted to reach a milestone age and be fit but I also wanted to see how, by achieving the goal, I could impact the other areas of my life.

This is known as the 4 way view (the topic of my latest course Better Leader, Richer Life) and it talks about setting goals that cross your 4 domains; you, family, work, community, bringing alignment and thus more joy. And that’s exactly what I focused on for this run:

1. To improve my health & wellbeing ensuring I was physically able to do more, give me and be more (Me)
2. To do it for charity thus raising funds for a cause that would benefit the wellbeing of others. On this occasion that happened to be disabled youth with sporting talents who do not get the sponsorship other athletes get. Everyone should have an opportunity to do more, be more and give more. (Community)
3. To role model that which I talk about in my business! I believe that everyone has a gift and encouraging them to identify and use those gifts is an incredibly empowering thing. And when we ‘show’ what is possible it is so much more powerful than just telling. (Business/Career)
4. To say ‘thank you’ to my dad who we sadly lost in 2013. That last mile was for him and him alone, for all the love he gave, for all the faith he had in me and my siblings and all the strength he gave us with his words of wisdom. (Family)

Who knew a run could have such a wide and deep impact! I never imagined the thought of achieving all the above in one event could make completing it more pleasurable and satisfying… but it did.

What you do is never just about you, what you need, what you want; when we operate from this place we often feel dissatisfied. But when we find ways to tie in more meaningful values to the things we want to achieve the experience takes on a whole new vista.

So with that in mind you might want to dust off your trainers and get your fit kit out of the closet because BaP are looking for some mighty centurions to take part in the Bristol to Bath run in October! Imagine being part of the first one ever? And imagine the difference your efforts will make to the many great causes BaP supports. What might your 4 way view be?

Live Blissfully

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