Member of the month April 2017

We're working with youCongratulations to Sharon Firth of Inspire Away who specialise in training and developing staff through interactive courses, workshops and away days.  Sharon also runs a church with her husband in her local community in Melksham and who recently raised money to contribute to our tractor appeal.

We asked Sharon: What motivates you? The longer I’m in this business, the more I realise that it’s helping people that motivates me more than anything else. I am a facilitator – which literally means ‘someone who makes things easier’ and that’s what I love to do if I can. I get the biggest buzz from hearing that people have succeeded in doing something they couldn’t do before because they’ve been to one of my workshops or I’ve worked with them in their organisation.

What is your business philosophy? I want my business to make a difference to my clients – to make them more effective by developing individuals and teams. I try to support charities and non-profits by offering one free place on all my open workshops – please contact me to take me up on this offer.

Who do you admire most? I admire people who are generous with their time and make you feel that you’re important even though they are extremely busy. People with integrity. I know several – most of them you won’t have heard of – and they’ve helped me grow as a person.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? As a facilitator, I’m privileged to be involved with many organisations and I know there is a demand for acquiring exceptional employees. There is a huge trend for talented people to be looking at much more than the salary on offer when they are deciding which business to join. They are increasingly looking at organisations and wanting to see their CSR (corporate social responsibility). What is the organisation doing for the less fortunate? How is it putting something back into the community? Are there initiatives that employees can get involved in? Business against Poverty can help organisations to demonstrate that they are doing something tangible and worthwhile to alleviate poverty around the world. In addition, Business against Poverty is a great community of people to network and do business with.

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