People, Providence and Pay-back


unnamedAs we wake up to the reality of the crisis in Syria, it brings home to us that the gift that has kept on giving can do that no longer, and resources have to be shared for economic stability both locally and internationally.  It has been an uncomfortable process , watching our leaders make decisions on our behalf, which mean life or death to many millions of refugees.

Every country has limited resources and if we hadn’t realised before that we are in a growing era of compromise, we sure do now.  Governments  alone have been unable to make policy decisions quickly or comprehensively and as ordinary people realise that government is not equipped to provide all the answers, they  have reached out to offer accommodation and help to refugees. This is humanity working at it’s deepest, most fundamental level. Doing what is right with our actions, our hearts and voting with our feet.

This situation brings home the fragility and of our national structures, systems and processes. A local economy with high unemployment and no education will always need ‘charity’ or ‘charities’ as people feel the pinch in making ends meet or seek to deal with illness with dignity.  A workforce that excludes the talent and culture of new and older generations is one with limited scope.  At ground level, this creates poverty and illness for which services have to be provided through our tax system.

To me, the word ‘charity’ seems no longer seems fitting as it has been ripped to pieces by sensationalising press, yet, it reflects our human side, the sector that supports our people, our land and economy where governments and businesses can’t or have decided not to deal with in terms of prevention or cure. Sustainability and CSR are the buzzword in the business world  today, and action is needed more than ever before to meet needs at all levels of society.

Businesses can make a much more significant contribution by committing to their CSR role and managing tax relief opportunities that governments have given us to invest in wider communities for the benefit of all.   This choice has always been ours.

Bill Huxley

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