Re-shaping the future of Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR)

Traditional corporate social responsibility (CSR) is failing to deliver for organisations and society according to McKinsey’s March 2013 article, Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility: Integrated external engagement, and companies as well as the causes they support in the name of CSR need to take note!

Here at Business against Poverty (BaP), we address this issue by encouraging our members to shift from common past practices of high-profile, quick-win initiatives that feature in the glossy corporate annual review to authentic integrated engagement!
CSR started out as the latest buzzword a few years ago, yet is proving more complex to implement than initially envisaged. One concern cited by company shareholders is that some CSR and philanthropic activities detract from the core focus of the business. It is often handled separately to main systems and processes, resulting in little staff “buy-in” and generating “they’re just doing it for the PR” cynicism!

The solution is achieved by companies creating a shared vision and actively integrating CSR into every area of their business, from procurement to recruitment, strategy, sales and more.

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