Slowly but on purpose!

Friday 24th October, the first welcome event for BaP in Northampton and fortunately for me I arrived the day before…

Unfortunately Bill & Val made the journey over on the Friday and got trapped in what can only be described as travelling hell! But I’ll leave that story for another time. Clearly there were issues all around as what started off as a healthy list of attendees began to unravel as more traffic chaos ensued and I can only think what seemed like an interesting night out faded into a nothing more than a thought for many.

So, as the tale goes, you work with what you’ve got and we did! A couple of lovely ladies and some staff of the spa gave us their full attention. Michelle Walkes, Ambassador for Northampton, provided an introduction to BaP and shared her vision for the group as it grows and very kindly opened the floor up for me, followed by Bill & Val.

I spoke about the power of giving, how we can make a real difference by doing for others (you can read it here The Power Of Giving) and Bill & Val went on to share the story of BaP’s birth as well as the amazing work that comes out of PaP of which we are all a part; it is the wonderful work we ‘give’ to. They even managed to sneak in the video from the networking with a difference event – cow pat and all!SPA 1

It may have been a slow start to our new region but it was definitely ‘on purpose’. The message of how giving changes lives shone brightly through and it reminded me why I love BaP so much. Together we can make a bigger difference.

I would like to close by sending a big thank you to Michelle for hosting the first event at her beautiful barn treatment spa and I look forward to growing the region with her…

Keep living, keep giving,

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