The BaP Factor & Young CSR

Last year, our business members gave a resounding ‘thumbs up’ for our work at BaP saying that our ethical framework elicits trust between members as well as the immense satisfaction that comes from values based business. The sense of pride gained from engaging with like minded people within an effective charitable work was clearly stated.In response to your requests, we’re expanding our work to bring our Networking Events, Seminars, Awareness Days and Skills Academy to Bath and Bristol. Getting young people involved is a crucial element of our work and we’re doing this by developing our Schools Programme further. We recently presented the work of BaP and Pap to students at the Bath Studio School and will be working with the students in April to gain their views on CSR and the Charity.  We ourselves are taking on our own apprentice and intend to work with local schools to provide young students with work placement opportunities.

3_124_gmThe younger generation is driving the communications and social care revolution that we are witnessing today. As well as School age students, we need young entrepreneurs to be involved in BaP. If you can encourage budding entrepreneurs to join BaP, please do.

More exciting developments are in the pipeline so please watch this space!



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