The Final Stretch: December 2014

What a great time we all had at this year’s BaP annual ball; it’s always good to see everyone let their hair down and have some fun! Many thanks to the team for putting together such a great event and congrats to the very deserving award winning members going the extra mile!

With less than 30 days to go to Christmas unlike many stores, I am winding down. That said, December for me is all about reviewing the year to date and planning for the New Year, setting goals and aiming higher.

It’s been a rewarding number of months getting more involved with BaP and I certainly aim to do more in 2015 to help bring the vision of spreading the network further across the UK; it is a long term effort that will have far reaching business rewards and we have to start somewhere. No doubt it will be an interesting journey.

So this is a short but sweet message:ID-100100549

Enjoy the final stretch of 2014, have a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends and I wish you all the very best for the New Year; much happiness and continued success…

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