The Great Big Beard Off Challenge

Wayne McMaster of  Zeke Creative, Platinum Sponsor, wanted to raise some funds for the charity’s projects and  decided that a beard shave off might do the trick.

When we talk about Beard, we don’t mean a little bit of designer stubble, we are talking about a masterpiece, over a year’s growth; thick, hairy and long!  With a (blunt) pair of scissors Val Huxley, CEO of People against Poverty had the pleasure of making the first cut which proved to be a little tough to say the least. (Watch the video here).   However, Wayne sat patiently through it and within a short space of time, his freshly shaven face shone through.   We all think he looks great now its gone, although he’s feeling pretty cold.

TBefore and Afterhank you Wayne for your fundraising and we hope that at least we can raise a smile and a few extra quid for all your effort.

You can support Wayne’s efforts here

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