We’re all in Business Against Poverty because we have a social conscience and aren’t afraid to let that be known. Quite apart from any more esoteric considerations, that means that we all have an innate sense of what is ethical in this world. Simply put, we want to share our good fortune with people who are less fortunate. On 25th April 2015 an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 struck the region of Nepal to the northwest of Kathmandu. Two aftershocks on 12th May were of magnitudes 7.3 and 6.3, occurring to the east of Kathmandu. In total these earthquakes killed around 9,150 people and injured a further 25,200. People Against Poverty works in Nepal and for this reason a very special event is being organised on 12th January 2019 in Trowbridge, in which we hope very much that you will want to join us.

One of our trustees, Stuart Brown, dabbles in music. Well, a bit more than that, really. He composed a complete clarinet concerto for an Australian clarinettist, with the specific aim of drawing people’s attention to Nepal and its humanitarian needs. The result is a work of stunning beauty and emotional impact, which has been hailed as a major work by the two professional clarinettists who have reviewed it so far.  The work will receive its world première at a concert starting at 7pm on 12th January 2019 being held in Holy Trinity Church, Trowbridge, played by the clarinettist for whom it was written and the composer. They will be joined by the Chinese soprano Chen Wang and the British pianist Jonathan Ellis, in a programme that will include in addition much-loved works by Liszt, Mozart, Richard Strauss and Schubert. All profits from the event will be donated to People Against Poverty. You can book tickets either through Business Against Poverty, from whom various sponsorship packages are available also or through Eventbrite

2019 is going to be an eventful year for our members whichever way one looks at it. What better way to start it than by supporting our work and enjoying a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience at the same time?!

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