On Monday 3rd June, over 30 business people gathered together to join in the fun of playing The Leverage Game.   The event was led by Peter Rolliston, Action Coach Frome who wanted to raise funds for the charity’s work in relieving poverty and approached BaP with the idea of whilst learning business skills, why not have some fun doing it.



The evening began with a delicious finger buffet – sponsored by Chase de Vere who also joined in the fun of the evening –  prepared by the Bailbrook House Hotel chefs which consisted of an American Style BBQ. We feasted on 100% Beef Burgers in buns with all the trimmings, BBQ Ribs, Sweet Corn Cobs, beans, BBQ chicken, Vegetable Fritters, and a  wonderful selection of salads and desserts.

The teams were made into pairs and Peter coached us what we were to do.  It became much clearer as the game progressed and then it became very competitive within the room, but a really great fun atmosphere as people set about increasing their sales profits, leads and many other areas in running a business with their “make believe business” venture.

The evening ended with the winning team being presented by Peter Rolliston and the Chase de Vere team receiving their hampers which were sponsored by Taste of Bath and everyone went home with a great feeling of achievement even though they didn’t win!  Our winners of the evening were  Stuart Pearce of SMARTTech Energy and Tim Bird of Whitehorse Cad Ltd

Read what a few of our guests said about the evening.

A fantastic, fun and educational event and all in support of a great charity. Plus the opportunity to network with like-minded local businesses.  If you get the opportunity next time round it’s well worth it. The Leverage Game is a must for any businesses owner or team to understand how to grow and develop.
Thanks again Val for hosting this event with Bailbrook House (great food) and Peter from Action Coach (great games master)!
Daniel Plowright of Enquir3
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed to your Charity Evening Event on Monday, sponsored by Bailbrook House and Chase de Vere. The event really bought people together and got us all talking. What a great idea to get us to team up and play a competitive game of Leverage, I met some really great people. It was also really inspirational to find out about all the great work that Val does for people in poverty around the world, and how by gaining just a small about from businesses, how it can really help to change lives.
Sarah Matthews
Business Manager – Hays,  Recruiting experts in Office Support
It was lovely to meet you. It is a fantastic cause you are running and you are so passionate i love that. The evening was fab, really good to meet some familiar and new faces and to play a business game, it was way better than Monopoly and we were very happy to come second overall!   We will be sure to be at the next event
Laura Cook of Dotty Ink Ltd
‘I really enjoyed this event. The evening was very relaxed , well organised and included an opportunity for informal networking with business owners from a wide geographical area, refreshments, and innovative training provided by Action Coach. Instead giving standard power point presentation Peter Rolliston Action Coach invited the attendees to divide into teams and to play The Leverage Game – a board game designed for businesses. The game was great fun but contained an underlying serious message as the players encountered the highs, lows and potential pitfalls involved in running a business. Afterwards each table reflected on their ‘team’ performance and recognised that success in business depends on knowledge trust partnership and team working’.
Elaine Hollerhead – Designate Interior Design Consultancy

You can also hear what Patrick Moss of Moss, Naylor Young has to say about the event

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