The Power of One

YvonneB_Portfolio_2This month I want to talk about the power of one…

I’ve been contemplating my ambassador role and how I can build greater momentum with engaging potential new members. It can be a bit frustrating as I am really excited by the work Business against Poverty enables People against Poverty to do however I never want to sound like a sales machine! What I want is to see real growth of a charity that truly works at ground roots.

And then it struck me… just focus on The Power of One.

Last month I introduced new member Michelle Walkes. She really got BaP, what it stands for and the difference it makes. Through talking about the charity with her I was able to express my passion for BaP and Michelle was able to see how she too could make a difference. One day into her membership she introduced a new member.

Bang! The Power of One…

My role as ambassador is to find the one who will enthusiastically talk about BaP, bringing in the next ‘one’. That’s it!

So it’s not about me getting as many people into BaP as possible, it’s being focused on getting my ‘one’ and you know what, it’s something we can all do. Imagine the growth if we all brought one business member into the family… Wow!

If we all introduced one person we would:
• Double the membership
• Create more business opportunities with like-minded people
• Increase the power of lifting people out of poverty
• ‎Build & leave a legacy of positive change
‎So let us all get behind the Power of One and make BaP the fastest growing ethical business network there is! Now that’s taking CSR to a whole other level…

I look forward to seeing/meeting you at the next BaP networking event at Charlie Crown on 11th September… (Get booking, limited spaces!)

Blissfully Yours


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