The Wholehearted Support Approach

thWhat does it really mean to give your support to a charity? Is it about the financial subscriptions you make that allow great works to be done or the badge you carry on your website demonstrating your affiliation and alignment with something bigger than you? I believe these actions are only part of it.

The dictionary describes support as: to give assistance to, especially financially.

The real support is reflected in the actions you take for your chosen cause long after the ink has dried on the sign up form and your financial contributions have been made. We have plenty of proof of that in our community; just check out the member of the month section to see what our amazing BaP people do!

The wholehearted support approach can best be described in the following way:

Showing up at monthly or quarterly events; here you get to socialise, find out about the progress of work undertaken by your charity and keep connected with your charity’s community.

Understanding the work your charity does: Why it does it and why it matters to you. It’s not enough to hand over money and carry on as normal, true support takes commitment.

Promoting the work of your charity to family, friends and business associates; No one knows your network better than you so identifying people who you know are a good fit for the community needn’t be a long drawn out process. In fact just get them along to an event!

Participating in key meetings such as AGMs: This is a time hear and see what value your financial support has provided and to hear about the lives it has been changing. (BaP AGM – 13th October 2015)

Openly and proudly associating your business with your charity: At BaP we are blessed to have a creative team who are constantly looking to help us maximize our membership. From having an accredited badge to a clear ethical statement to display on your website, BaP keeps giving great ongoing value.

Resourcing your business’s needs through your charity’s community of business owners: What better (and easier) way is there to find service providers aligned with your ethics and values?

Trusting you are part of a community committed to making lives for others better and wanting to find new and innovative ways to demonstrate your support.

Yvonne B

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