Time to Take a Deliberate Pause

I don’t know how you are feeling after the results of the referendum but never before have I seen (on this scale) so much despair, regret and sense of loss. The ‘leave’ vote appears to have left a gaping hole that no one knows how to fill. It took me some researching and deep questioning to decide on my ‘remain’ vote and I too am feeling the after effects of the result, so sure was I the public would stay if for no other reason than the fear of change. I was wrong and now it is time to take a deliberate pause.pause button

The deliberate pause is a time of ‘just being’; downing tools, no rushing around and certainly no reading or re-reading articles on what is/is not happening to our country. It is a planned time out.

I recently read an article in my favourite magazine, Success, titled Just Be. It explained how some of the most productive and successful people on the planet take 10, 15, 30 minutes each day to reset. In fact, the length of time taken appears to be irrelevant, it is the quality of the time given to ‘just being’ that matters. For example, a successful executive who closes her office door daily for 30 minutes ‘not to be disturbed’ as she sits doing nothing or the Supreme Court Justice who sets aside15 minutes to sit relaxingly thinking about nothing (or as little as possible). These times out have afforded them increased productivity.

If ever there was a time to hit the reset button, to refresh and rejuvenate, now is looking pretty good to me! I have already begun to plan in deliberate pauses most days so that I can release the myriad of thoughts swirling through my mind. And it helps. It takes a bit of time for the thoughts to slow down but when they do, it feels great (no doubt similar to the effects of meditation, yoga etc). It’s like taking a deep breath and slowly exhaling out all the uncertainty, freeing myself to get focused on the here and now, doing what I can now; being productive, being creative.

The deliberate pause can be done indoors or out (a trek through nature is a fabulous way of letting go of ‘stuff’), sitting still or moving around at a pace that works for you. I simply encourage you to give it a go.

Time to Just Be,


P.S – Don’t forget Trekfest, 3rd – 4th September:  – a well-earned deliberate pause!

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