Vision, Values & Voice… All in a day’s work!

Vision, Values & Voice… All in a day’s work!

Same as General CaptionI had the pleasure of working with the BaP team at the Trowbridge Business Show on Saturday 25th August.  Immi & I had the beautiful new ‘BaP Hut’ all to ourselves and it provided a great focal point and conversation piece.

During the course of the morning we had a number of opportunities to talk to local business owners about the BaP community, PaP as the main charity and what we stood for.

I felt proud to say I am part of the BaP community. As a social enterprise, BaP is much more than a network of ethically driven businesses. We are much more than a community ‘trying’ to make a difference; we do make a difference and we see it in all the amazing projects we support.

What we truly have is a community that:bap trowbridge expo group_0379

Shares the charity’s vision, its values and its voice… And together we bring about positive change…

So what is Our Vision?  It’s all about creating sustainable business practice, sustainable communities and sustainable economies through poverty relief.

What are Our Values? To be ethical businesses, knowledgeable and skilled, sharing our expertise and resources with each other, delivering on our Corporate Social Responsibility

And as for Our Voice, as a united community we raise the volume on the topic of poverty, representing those who are not able to speak for themselves and work together to relieve poverty effectively. There is power in numbers…

As we all look to the future it’s important to ensure we are aligned with these 3 V’s; that we are speaking them and demonstrating them.

How do we do that on a consistent basis? Get involved! By being an integral part of BaP we are showing our commitment to its work in connecting our businesses and communities for the benefit of all concerned. Together we thrive…

And with that in mind there are a number of things you can do today:

Get Social: Quiz & Curry Night – 24th August (& bring some guests!)

Maximise the Business Skills Academy – With sessions focused on growing an excellent reputation in all your business dealings, delivered by members of the BaP community

Support the team: An hour here, a few hours there can really help support the team’s work (and it’s usually good fun J) Just offer and see what happens!

It’s all in a day’s work…

As always, wishing you a blessed and awesome month ahead in all areas of your life…

Live Blissfully,



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