What will you do differently this year?

Here we are, nearly 2 months into the new year already gone! It has been a positive and busy start…
I spent quite a bit of time at the end of last year wondering how I was going to push the boundaries of my comfort zone in 2016, how I was going to raise the bar and achieve more in my business & daily life.
One area I decided to work on in terms of raising the bar is ensuring my business delivers fully on the ethical standards I wish to be known for and that I signed up to when I joined BaP. It’s so easy to sign up to something that resonates with you, that sounds worthy, but it’s delivering on it that really matters. The thing is you get busy in business and suddenly things are left unchecked and before you know it those standards that meant so much to you, drop. It’s rarely intentional but it can ruin a business’s reputation over time.
For me working with collaborators and often remote teams of associates and freelancers can challenge the standards I want to achieve. After all ethics can be interpreted differently by different people, but it’s my responsibility to have clear ethical guidelines in place to share with anyone I work with.
So I aim to:
• Be more vocal about the standards that matter to me
• Work with others who have aligned standards of ethics; from suppliers and collaborators to associates & freelancers
• Assess the work opportunities that flow in; are they for the good of all and are they aligned with my business purpose? (doing the kind of work that really matters, that adds value and makes a difference)
• Make time to ensure I am embedding ethics into all areas of my business
It would be easy to say I’m doing everything I aim to already but in honesty I know I can do better. It’s about taking some time to identify the gaps and then taking the necessary actions to fill them; bringing more of the ethical standards I signed up to into my business.
It’s time for change, it’s time to upgrade… What will you do differently this year?
Live Blissfully, live ethically,


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