At People Against Poverty we have seen an increase in the number of donations received through the Government’s Payroll Giving scheme.

Payroll Giving enables an employee to donate to up to three charities directly from their gross salary. The basic principle is that an e.g. £4 donation would be grossed up by HMRC, so that the charity receives £5. Or another way of looking at it is that a £5 donation would only cost the donor £4.

To participate, the business itself must be registered with a Payroll Giving agency, a list of which is provided by HMRC – www.gov.uk/government/publications/payroll-giving-approved-agencies

Small regular gifts are the lifeblood of charities like ours. With businesses increasingly looking at their own CSR, Payroll Giving is a simple way of helping their staff to set up small donations without having to worry about direct debits or standing orders.

If your business is not already registered for Payroll Giving, why not add it to the agenda for your next management meeting?

We would love to hear from you of your interest in the scheme.  Contact us 


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