Yes we can!

Same as General CaptionA month into the New Year and the question ringing on my head already is ‘what have I achieved so far?’

It’s been a housekeeping month for me. Getting rid of anything that isn’t aligned with my purpose and‎ identifying the opportunities that will bring more of what I love into my life. Things are shaping up and I am feeling ready to give… my best service, my best knowledge and my best help to others.

What does that mean in my role as BaP Ambassador?

To provide Bill & Val with as much support as I can to spread the BaP word and develop the network in and outside of Somerset‎. It’s a slow process but armed with BaP literature and with a passion for positive change all things are possible! And I’m kicking off with ‎4 speaking engagements and 2 business panel events lined up between Feb & May.

‎Let’s all pull together to make 2015 a super growth year, for BaP, for our businesses and for the lives of those who count on our support.

Can we do it? Yes We Can!

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