You Are Highly Recommended

When you’re in need of a service provider, where do you look first? Do you already have a rolodex of preferred suppliers, or do you ask business associates for referrals, maybe search the internet or check in with the highly recommended service providers in the Business against Poverty network?IMG_4348

I have to confess I for one do not do the latter often enough yet it’s important that we maximise our community, that we support each other and utilise the skills readily accessible to us.

And what about the services you offer. What are you doing to gain exposure to the BaP community? Have you considered how you might make your services more accessible to the BaP community, maybe have a special offer?

And then there are your customers; are you taking the time to recommend other ethical businesses to your clients? If you’re not referring services you know have aligned values, are you short changing your customers? If serving your customers well is important, then doing whatever you can to make their lives easier follows suit.


  • 84% of consumers say they either completely or somewhat trust recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends about products and services – making these recommendations the highest ranked source for trustworthiness. [Nielsen]
  • 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. [Ogilvy/Google/TNS]
  • 68% trust online opinions from other consumers, which is up 7% from 2007 and places online opinions as the third most trusted source of product information. [Nielsen]
  • 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts. [BrightLocal]


We can all make life easier for ourselves and our customers by maximising our community’s offerings. So let’s do it!





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