Yvonne’s monthly update

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I am very grateful to have this spot each month to share my new role as an Ambassador of Business against Poverty.  I was thinking that actually as members we all have the privilege of being ambassadors for this wonderful charity so I am not unique in that respect. I don’t mind saying I am loving the role albeit initially phased with the challenges of a very busy professional life juggled with the role of being a mum.

In this my first month, mini break aside, I have predominantly used my social media forums to engage with people; firstly to increase awareness about the work carried out by Business against Poverty and secondly, to let them know how they can be a part of this growing community. Doing some simple things such as sharing the videos and stories from the BaP & PaP websites opens peoples eyes to what is being achieved by this community of business owners.

This month I will shift my focus to offline conversations to build on the information shared and begin inviting individuals/businesses to the events hosted by BaP. My eyes are firmly set on visiting some of the surrounding business parks, one of whom I have already approached. Thinking about the busyness of my life the work of ambassador has not taken additional time as I have seen it as a great opportunity for increasing the value of what I have to offer my customers and my network. I love taking on new opportunities and so looking forward to developing this role.

It would be great to have another ambassador on board! So if there is anyone out there thinking about it then please jump in; the more momentum we can build the better…

Have a great  and prosperous month.

Yvonne – YvonneB Ltd

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