This month we are delighted to feature Alex Cole of Tin Smart Social.

Alex is a social-purpose venture builder who is committed to growing #smartsolutions which enable equity and diversity at scale to solve market failures and remove systemic barriers for those left behind, and disadvantaged.

Here Alex explains further:

I believe my life-long passion for disruptive innovation started on the way into this world – my lovely Mum Juanita would likely agree if what she tells anyone who will listen about that Christmas Eve night is all true! It continued while I was at the BBC in 2001, taking part in the Corporate Responsibility department inspired schools book-club reading programme that I joined. Every week I remember that magical moment when, after working at it, a child began to read. This was the trigger for a rather obsessive need to develop a scalable way to support those, who through circumstances mainly out of their control, found themselves in a tough place they couldn’t quite escape from.

This led me to co-found (which always sounds a little like confound to me, which fits my way of telling stories perfectly I’m told – anyway I digress again) TIN – Think Innovation. Which is most simply explained as an (About Digital) Venture Builder agency – so we are #AdventureBuilders – see what I did there (!) – launched in 2015 as a response to market failures in the delivery of sustainable and scalable digital literacy and employability routes to in-demand jobs, especially for excluded and disadvantaged groups.

We are the #doorwaytodifferrent’ which means I get to work everyday with some very talented, inspirational, and dare I say committed disruptive collaborators on our collective journey to help make the world of work work better. Specifically, and unashamedly for those we are in danger of leaving behind as we recover from the current traumatic times.

Join me. It’s not quite the dark side, but it does take a certain type of adaptive persona to wade through the ‘treacle’ of all those so-called equitable and inclusive policies that prove you can never trust anything that starts with “..well we’ve always done it this way.” #digitalinclusion #digitalskills #fuelpoverty #socialmobility #thinkinnovation

Specialties: IT outsourcing, talent development, culture transitioning, programme/project management, partnership brokering, resource management, organisational coaching and development, business strategist, TUPE negotiation

To find out more about Tin Smart Social you can visit their website here 


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