Sara Coffield is not only a professional business personal assistant, she has many other talents to add to the fold. ​

With over 20 years experience in executive level administration and now running my own business

Sara Coffield has gained over 20 years experience within the administration industry, initially supporting Consultant Doctors at the NHS where she developed a fascination for the Art of Organisation on many levels, and now loveto resource fabulous solutions for her clients to work smart, fulfil their potential and achieve their objectives.

Since going freelance in April 2011, Sara has been working in partnership with a myriad of clients including a canal restorer, artists, well-being coach, village hall and music promotion project to name a few!

Why people work with her:

  • ​She makes great tea!
  • She loves to find the simplest and most cost-effective way forward without compromising on quality.
  • She loves helping her clients remain focussed on what they’re passionate about and achieve their objectives – saving time, energy, money and their sanity!

Whether you want regular or ad-hoc affordable help, then Sarah is the one for you.

Not only does she offer beautifully simple solutions to overwhelmed Passionate People on Purpose, she is an established singer/songwriter.

Last year Sara wrote a song about my understanding of the true spirit of Christmas which, if you believe, can last all year-long in every present moment; a child-like innocence and liberty which stems from surrendering our lives to “Grace”, being grateful for every small blessing and trusting in the provision and unfolding of “Its Great Plan” – truly exciting and especially necessary for crazy artists compelled to live on the edge! You can hear her song here: The True Spirit of Christmas! (

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