This month we are delighted to feature Tim Bird of Whitehorse Cad.  Following 30 years plus mechanical engineering experience, Tim decided to go solo and started Whitehorse Cad in 2017 and he hasn’t looked back since!

Tim works with clients who go to him with initial ideas and with his expertise, design products ready for manufacturing.  However, due to our confidential agreements, he can’t always reveal too much and instead recommends watching the video to find out more about what we do.

Whitehorse Cad have been members of Business against Poverty for over 2 years now and is a great team player within the membership.    Tim will always join in our quiz nights where he can, and also has run online ones for us in the past during Covid lockdown.   If he cant attend he will always donate a raffle prize for the event.  We think he is someone that you can totally rely on when it comes to business relationships.   So if you are needing computer aided design in your business – look no further than Whitehorse Cad.

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