For as many years as we can remember, Adrian has been a great supporter of our work and became a Business against Poverty member from its inception back in 2010.   Events that we hold,  Adrian is always one of the first members to book and we are always delighted to see him and hear further about his work.  Adrian is a great networker, working closely with 4Networking as well as being a member of FSB.

Adrian’s works helps to uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success by looking at improving your psychology which is going to be key to your success in life and business. He will help you recognise how you can strategise your actions to give you the kind of life you’d like to have and the rapport you’d like to create with people you meet and find out in which areas you may need to upgrade your skills and make them relevant so that you can move forwards with confidence.

Adrian states “People do fascinate me in the way that they approach life and business and so when I network with others I am looking to help people that are already thinking about what really motivates them.  Quite often people will say to me ‘so you are a business coach then Adrian’ my answer to them is always ‘What I actually do is coach people that happen to have a business’. For me it is always people first and business second. I see my job as helping my clients to be in a better position to help others. I am very honest with myself in terms of who I can help which means I choose who I work with.

To find out more about Adrian’s work follow this link

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