How to: get the best performance from a team task

Carol Deeb from Demand Media has outlined a series of steps that can be used as a guide for team tasks. As she explains, “Placing a group of experienced employees together does not guarantee the success of a team.”

Step 1:
“Conduct a meeting with your team as soon as it forms and explain the mission of the company.” Tell the members why they were chosen.

Step 2:
With the whole team, plan activities which will help meet the deadline. Allow each member to determine their duties. Write down performance plans and reassess regularly.

Step 3:
Encourage employees who do not perform at a high level to take responsibility for their work and help keep the team move forward. Encourage members who are falling behind that team relies on them and they are still part of the collective.

Step 4:
“Organise brainstorming sessions with your team to discover the most efficient avenues for task completion.” This shows respect towards team members and increases idea generation.

Step 5:
“Allow team members to resolve conflicts among themselves, with you as a guide.” Oversee that they maintain levels of respect and work for the best of the group and company. Teach staff to put their personal conflicts aside and advance the goals of the team.

Step 6:
Reward employees for meeting interim deadlines and completing portions of a larger project. Morale-boosting activities can help bonding away from the office to encourage the team to perform efficiently.

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