How to: Keeping your social media current

In order for small businesses to remain current and maintain a loyal fanbase it is important to “keep up to date through all you do, including socal media.”

Here are a list of the important points from an article written on Digital Journal by Anne Marie Marais.


  • Your followers: what kind of information can you share based on your expertise
  • Followers spend more time on your page than you will imagine (even more if you keep your content fresh)
  • Fun images, articles, posts they can relate to
Let them know:
  • You are focused and engaged with them
  • You are a real person just like them
  • You are interested in what they’re interested in (e.g. special holidays or events)
  • You are current and show them (it will make you more memorable)
  • You use use Facebook and Twitter (use up-to-date ‘skins’ on pages based on current events)
  • Miss easy opportunities to post
  • Use social media if you have not got the time to manage
  • Post once a week or less (this will not give the impression you are with the times)


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