Two local business owners,  Business against Poverty member Helen Richmond of Helen Richmond Photography,  and business friend Mike Land join forces and abseil 100metres (or 328 feet if we are going imperial) in Portsmouth.

The Spinnaker Tower was built as part of the centrepiece of the Renaissance of Portsmouth Harbour Project and has become Portsmouth’s most prominent landmark. Visible beyond 23 miles away; it dramatically overlooks the Portsmouth harbour, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, City centre and all of Portsmouth and its neighbouring towns and suburbs.

On a sunny May weekend Helen and Mike jointly scaled the face of the Spinnaker Tower which took in total around 20 mins to complete. Together they gracefully descended down the tower until the wind in places lifted Helen’s whole body away from the wall.  We watched as Helen was blown from one side of the building to the other as Mike was there to catch and stop her going any further.   Mike being the gentleman that he is, waited as Helen gained back her confidence to carry on the abseil.   It was amazing to watch these two tiny figures stand on the edge of a small ledge at almost the top of the building.   They then slid their legs over and placed them against the wall before starting their climb down.


If you would like to support Helen and Mike in their fundraising, which will support all our project work in all countries of operation, then please scan the QR code


Business against Poverty member Lyndon Beer of LGB Electrical was also ready to join them but unfortunately was too ill to attend on the day, so he will be doing his abseil in the very near future alone.  If you would like to join Lyndon then why not give us a call or contact us


Part of the abseil down as Helen loses control due to the high wind dragging her across the building but gaining back the confidence to complete the climb down.

To watch the full abseil via our FB page, click here 




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