Business Member of the Month – December 2016

We are sure you will agree with us that our Member of the Month for December certainly deserves a mention.  Bill, founder of Business against Poverty and  Chair of Trustees of our charity is a  paying member through his business Destiny-Life Counselling, .  Bill contributes greatly to Business against Poverty’s growth and is selfless with his time putting in many, many hours per week,  attending business meetings, breakfast networking events, speaker at events and developing strategy.
We cant thank Bill enough for everything that he does within the charity, putting  time aside from his own passion to help others through counselling.

We asked Bill:

What Motivates You?  In a nutshell people. I have a strong sense of humanity for my fellow travellers in life. I am motivated by compassion for others in particular those who live on the edge. Some people are better equipped for the journey than others due to their good fortune. Some equipped or otherwise will find themselves in circumstances beyond their control.

What is your business philosophy?  Above all to make a positive difference,  Life is short, life without meaning is no life at all. Positive purpose has a higher value than financial gain. With this in mind you will never be poor.

Who do you admire most?  To be honest there is not a single person who I admire the most. I have admired many: Some in history, some who are contemporaries and some who have held their hand out to me in times of need. Three men have made a big impact on me Martin Luther King (Jr) , Nelson Mandela and the great Mohamed Ali. They all fought prejudice including slavery, they all made great sacrifices, underpinned by their faith and they all made an everlasting impact on the word. There are also two great living Christian female missionaries who inspired me in my charity work Heidi Baker in Mozambique working with poverty and Jackie Pullinger in Hong Kong who I had the privilege working with on a short mission trip. Both women are giants for humanity.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?  I founded Business against Poverty on the values I have expressed . All the evidence indicates that businesses with a purpose who contribute to society are more sustainable, more profitable, and make by far greater employers. Those who carry the logo are proud to be members of a great and inspiring community. Don’t hesitate; subscribe at the level you can afford – Join today.

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