Wayne McMaster – February 2014

Congratulations to Wayne McMaster of Zeke Creative for unconditional loyalty and services to the charity.

Analytical by nature and inspired by the creative world, Wayne is committed to helping brands and individuals to discover meaning, value and purpose through original thinking, thorough research and great design, with a proven ability to translate strategies and plans into action and a commitment to deliver results.  Prior to founding Zeke Creative, he graduated with a 2:1 from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, experienced agency life in London at Agenda Design Associates and then the brand agency Smith&Milton; holds membership of the Charted Society of Designers (MSCD) and successfully ran Studiohope, a design agency in Bath, working across a broad range of sectors focussing on SMEs.

Married with three children, he understands that success is founded on good relationships and believes that design should be an enjoyable process for all involved.

We asked Wayne:

What motivates me?  Good design. When this is well conceived and well executed it can make the world a better, more interesting place. Good design can enhance our lives and elevate our spirits. Just like the heavenly virtues: Courage, Diligence, Self-control, Patience, Kindness, Humility we see good design translating those virtues into bold courageous designs, that exhibit honesty, authenticity, simplicity and sustainability.

Who do I admire: It would be too much of a cliché to talk of Steve Jobs, as lifelong advocate of Apple products, instead, certainly the man who inspires product designer, Jonathan Ive at Apple and myself is Deiter Rams a German industrial designer best known for his work for Braun, with a design philosophy that shares many similar values to our own.

Business philosophy: Our philosophy and indeed how we make all our decisions remains the same—it’s based on our core values that never change: Zekers are drawn to SIMPLICITY; inspired by ELEGANCE; BRAVE enough to ask the challenging questions; and TRUE in all our dealings inside and outside the business, the fruit of this is in the company we keep and the length of time we have nurtured many client relationships.

What advice would you give to other businesses thinking about joining Business against Poverty: Real lasting good can happen when we come together with others to make a difference. Being part of the Business against Poverty community helps us raise our profile, tap into the expertise from others who support the charity. We are able to get involved with a modest amount of financial giving, offset with giving of our time and expertise. Over time as we grow Zeke Creative there will be greater opportunities to get our new employees involved in the charity to improve teamwork and morale in our design studio with this shared approach to giving. What other charity/community can you see the direct line of sight between ourselves the charity and the recipients?

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