Claire Stringer – April 2014

Congratulations this month go out to  Claire Stringer, founder and owner of Gooseberry Bush Nurseries.

Running three very successful children’s nurseries in the Colerne, Hullavington and Kemble area of Wiltshire recognised by their Investor in People Award. Claire and her experienced team of well-trained staff provide a wide range of experiences and positive interaction for supporting children’s natural curiosity. Believing all children should be encouraged as individuals and be given the space to develop as creative competent learners within an inspiring space.

They feel it is really important to encourage our children to think about the wider community and support a wide range of charities alongside being a partner sponsor of Business against Poverty.

We asked Claire:

What motivates you?
Freedom; being free to express who I am without fear or anticipation. Giving people the space and respect to be authentic. I value people above all things

What is your Business philosophy?
It’s the outworking of my organisation to achieve an expression of personal freedom that I hold dearly in my business values. My product might be child care yet in creating a culture for my staff to be creative by stepping out their comfort zone to achieve the business objectives is exciting to me.

I can’t guarantee things won’t go wrong but the creation of a culture where growth may be achieved without fear underpins creative freedom. Health and safety is so important in child care yet somewhere along the line freedom is restricted. So I guess I am saying personal freedom underpins my business philosophy albeit in a safe environment. The business dealing with success is good but achieving success through the skills and resources of our staff, clients and suppliers is fantastic.

Who do you admire in the world of business and why?
To be honest, there are many people I admire, usually those who campaign and dedicate their lives to a cause. People against Poverty is a charity that pursues the dignity and freedom to those in extreme poverty and who believe in the value of every individual.  This is aligned with my own personal values system which is demonstrated at Gooseberry Bush.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?
Business against Poverty gives you the opportunity to be a part of a community that has a shared common interest in respecting and valuing all individuals not just within their own organisation but in a wider context.


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