February Member of the Month

Congratulations to Gordon Hogg of The Asset Protection Strategy who has embraced the work of the charity and Business against Poverty with much enthusiasm and drive.  Not only have The Asset Protection Strategy become Platinum sponsors, offering free Wills to all our supporters and donors, they are also busily preparing to launch the Business against Poverty programme in the Swindon and surrounding areas through their networking channels.  They are also sending a  key member of their staff to visit the project in Romania in May on the next awareness trip.  This will enable them to see firsthand the work that is benefiting the most vulnerable within our society through their support.We asked Gordon:

What motivates me: Whether inside work or outside work, the freedom to express myself and knowing I have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of other people be it young or old.

What is your business philosophy: Creating genuine working relationships with business partners and to be ahead of the game for the benefit of our clients.

Who do you admire most: Sir Bobby Charlton a true great, a gentleman, a role model and not a bad footballer ( for those of you who do not know he still remains the highest goal scorer for his Country ). A man I hugely respect, a man I have met on two occasions firstly in 1974 when I was a 13 years old lad and again in 2005 when I was 44, on both occasions they were memorable and I was struck by his empathy and kindness.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty: Everyone can make a difference but Bill and Val will point out collectively we can make a massive difference. I have joined Business against Poverty because I respect them and their team for all the efforts they make and I am delighted to have joined the many local businesses who share their vision.


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