January Business Member of the Month

During the month of December, Sharon Firth of Inspire Away spent the whole day with the PaP team which she supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired, bringing a new freshness, outlook and vision for 2015.  We would recommend any business using Sharon for their team days where you can be sure of a lot of fun and laughter amongst the serious discussions that take place.

Congratulations Sharon for not only for achieving Member of the Month for the first month of the year but also giving you the opportunity to win our Business of the Year Award (each MoM are automatically put forward to achieve this award).

We asked Sharon:

What motivates you? I am motivated by seeing people grow in confidence and competence; when I see that my input can make a positive difference to the way people work together, as well as to the productivity and profitability of their organisations.1724929_836997646322708_5318168472525188175_n

What is your Business Philosophy? I believe in working in partnership with clients and associates to achieve goals and outcomes that benefit everyone. I want my business to do well, but not at the expense of others.

Who do you admire the most? I’ve thought about this question, and my answer would have to be Jesus Christ. He was able to disarm the most awkward and belligerant people; to see things in a completely different way from everyone else to bring resolution and to show love by serving and giving.

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their BaP InspireAwayDayb2014business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? I’ve got to know the team behind Business against Poverty – their work ethic and their passion to make a difference to those in need around the world – any business can be proud to support BaP and be assured that their contribution will be used with integrity. Letting others know that your business is a member of BaP shows that you want to do something about the crippling effects of poverty and that you are actively encouraging other businesses to do likewise.

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