Many of you may remember Jerry Walsingham who ran his business Mailboxes Etc, Bath for many years than we can remember.   In 2018 Jerry passed over the reins to new business owner Zoltan who also remains a BaP member.


Jerry has now re-started a new venture, helping to look after your assets through effective planning thereby protecting you and your loved ones.  Jerry tells us:

Without a Will you have no say in what happens when you die. Lasting Powers of Attorney ( LPA’s) are as essential a protection against the unforeseen as your buildings and contents insurance is, but so few put it in place soon enough.


Honey Legal are a focused, £10m+ t/o company specialising in Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts, Funeral Plans and Probate Services. That’s all we do. These 5 things.


As well as” Heath and Welfare” and “Finance and Property” LPA’s there is also a Business LPA. This is designed to help Directors, Partners and Owners protect the business, and to protect their family and estate from being sued following  changes in the law.


Established in 2010, we are voluntarily regulated by the FCA, the CLC and our solicitors individually by the SRA. We help donate over £12m p.a. to charities through Will Legacy Donations and also give a % of our profits to charity each year. Charities like our own Business against Poverty rely on Will Legacy Donations. They are simple to arrange and such donations fall outside Inheritance Tax assessments saving 40%.


I am keen to meet the 2 in 3 people who have no written Will and the 9 in10 people who have no LPA’s in place. I will encourage them not to leave it too late, not to leave it to the State and not to leave it any longer.



Honey Legal

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