Keith Lunt – November 2013

Keith Lunt

Congratulations to Keith Lunt, Managing Director of Opal Print Gold Sponsor and partner  for attaining Business against Poverty’s member of the month.

Keith and his business have worked enthusiastically in supporting our charity objectives serving on the Business steering group, attending events and supporting the sponsoring of much of our printing needs.

Opal Print were established in 1987 and proud of its traditional heritage, it celebrates 25 years of successful business. Opal’s ethos is very much one of attention to detail with a genuine interest in its clients, their business and their print expectations.

Thank you Keith for making a real difference.


We asked Keith:

What motivates you?

A successful and rewarding experience born from a challenge.  I relish being able to provide more than just a service and product, by always looking to provide helpful input, creativity, consultation, and wherever possible making something special out of the ordinary! A happy customer, client or colleague gives me that special feeling and satisfaction that makes the daily routine worthwhile.

Who do you admire in the world of business?

Richard Branson.  I read his book documenting his business ventures since being a student, running his early businesses from a house boat, starting an airline and the ooh so familiar situations he found himself in on many occasions. I believe most of us can probably relate to his autobiography! It has never been plain sailing and he admits he has failed on occasions but learning from mistakes and picking yourself up when the going gets tough will pay off.

What is your business Philosophy?

Give 100% in all you do. Accept rewards and accept the kicks!

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?

It will benefit…..but, be open minded in how you believe or imagine the benefits will present themselves. Aside from the main benefit of being part of an organisation helping to relieve poverty around the world, a new contact, snippet of advice or inspiration from one of the great event speakers, may make a big change to your business or/and your own personal development.

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