Member of Month June 2016

Congratulations to Simon Long of Simon Long Training Services .

photo simonWe asked Simon:

What motivates you? Building a business that gives my staff and family a secure future; one in which I can share any wealth with them. A successful business will enable me to help other people who are far less fortunate than I am which we are doing through BAP and PAP.

What is your business philosophy? Work in an ethical, fair and just manner treating all of my staff, customers and suppliers with respect. I believe that everyone should be prepared to work hard in order to succeed which is then shared.

Who do you admire the most? Anybody who works hard but has a giving attitude to others; someone who knows the value of their staff, suppliers, customers and other business in the community; and who is prepared to give back to the community, not making it all about personal wealth.  This may sound really corny a but I admire Bill & Val Huxley hugely for the work that they do

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty? Every business can benefit from becoming a member; from a business perspective, the BAP community is filled with like-minded people who want to do business together. Personally for me, I have directly been able to change people lives, and seen actual evidence of it in person,  through my membership and will continue to do so.


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