Member of Month – November 2016

Jim and Keith Lunt

Congratulations to Opal Print for becoming our November Member of the Month.  No matter what pressure we put Keith and Jim under, they do their utmost to work with us and fulfil tight deadlines.   Opal recently sponsored the printing of over 1000 Christmas Cards which were designed by one of our sponsored children in Haiti.  Touched by the work of Keloki, Keith offered his support to ensure that we could raise more money to send to the Haiti project, especially after everything they have gone through with the previous earthquake.  We are able to send £241.50 towards the children s Christmas party – Thank you guys – you rock !

We asked Jim:

What motivates you?  Opal Print are only a small company and we therefore do not have a huge workforce, however, all the people at Opal depend on the company for their living.  This apples from the top to the bottom and so it is not difficult to get motivated to keep things running.

What’s your business philosophy?   Business has been difficult over the last few years and we have all had to put in more effort to keep things going.  As a director of the company I want to maximise our profit but this is tempered by a wish to run a company that deals with our customers and suppliers in a fair and reasonable way, and supports our dedicated staff.  We are aiming to grow but this has been difficult in the market place, with many of our competitors discounting prices to unsustainable levels.  We are a family run business and our philosophy is one of growth, when we can, by continuing to operate in a way that we can sleep well at night!!

Who do you admire most?  Jack Nicklaus – well we are all golfers!!!

What would be your advice to anyone wondering if their business could benefit from joining Business against Poverty?  Business is often a serious and focused activity and there is a danger of not seeing the “bigger picture”.  As we mention above – times have been tough in industry recently – but putting these matters in perspective is essential.  When we see the situations facing people in UK and in the other regions of the world, who are in the poverty trap, we realise that our troubles are on a wholly different scale to some.  Joining BAP has given us the opportunity to give a little back and support those in far worst situations than ours.  We have met some great, like thinking, friends whilst attending the regular BAP events and would encourage any business with a conscience to join and benefit from the knowledge that you can help to make a difference.


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